Contentious and non-contentious / Contenzioso e non contenzioso 

Examples of documents handled:

Contentious: writs of summons; defences; criminal charges; witness statements; court orders; judgments; appeals.

Non-contentious: T&Cs, NDAs, supply agreements; memorandums and articles of association; minutes of board meetings; opinions; probate documents; conveyancing documents; applications to the Revenue Office for preliminary rulings; tax assessments; agreed assessments.

The above is a non-exhaustive list of the documents I’ve translated over the last twelve years from Italian into English. Reading and translating these documents as an experienced lawyer as well as an experienced translator means that I have a detailed understanding of the matter in question, resulting in a high-quality translation.

In terms of price, a quote can be provided once I have seen the documents to be translated. Anything sent to me will, of course, be treated in the strictest confidence.

If you would like to see my CV and/or require any further information, please go to the ‘Contact’ page.